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Temporal variation and climatic influence of resin production in Central Spain
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  • Silvicultura
Resin is an important product of Mediterranean Pinus pinaster Ait. forests in Central Spain. Nowadays, resin production profitability and thus, its sustainability, highly depends on resin market prices but especially on social factors. Some new resin harvest methods have been developed in the last twenty years that could improve the quality of the product, work conditions and efficiency of process. In order to compare new and traditional resin harvest methodologies in Mediterranean maritime pinewoods in Central Spain a R+D project is being developed since 2006 by CESEFOR. Within the framework of this project the present work has the objective of studying the pattern of tree resin production under two harvest methods taking into account its relation with climatic conditions. Data comes from two study sites located in the Northern Plateau of Spain. Each site has five replicates per treatment, with 40 trees per plot. Each tree was visited every 3 days during the four resin harvest campaigns 2006-2009. The traditional method consists on inducing resin flow with 8-10 horizontal chippings each campaign, applying commercial resin stimulant paste (sulphuric acid) every 14 days. The alternative method consists in 6 mechanic bark perforations connected with plastic bags. Temporal variation of resin production within years and within chipping intervals have been analyzed, as well as climatic and treatment effects. Due to the hierarchical structure of data (site, plot and tree) mixed models have been used for the statistical analysis. Results of the study allows the productive sector to adapt resin harvest to climatic change and global change through the optimization of resin harvest methodology (number of chippings, frequency of visits, length of harvest campaign).
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IUFRO Joint Internacional Meeting: Global Change and Mediterranean Pines: Alternatives for Management
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Abstracts of the IUFRO Joint Internacional Meeting: Global Change and Mediterranean Pines: Alternatives for Management
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  • Autor: Sonia Roig Gomez (UPM)
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