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Patterns of species interactions in a montane cloud forest: furthering our knowledge and understanding of key aspects of ecosystem maintenance.
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The present research has been developed in the frame of a diversity and structure analysis in an Andean montane cloud forest, in Peru. Today, cloud forests are under severe threat, due mainly to the pressure of human-originated disturbances. A key step towards understanding the ecosystem¿s organization is to analyse the existing spatial relationships among the species in the stand. To improve this analysis, a new spatial analysis technique based on the mark correlation function was developed. This new tool allows the relationship between pairs of species to be characterised according to their developmental stages at different scales, and enhances our understanding of the existing inter-specifi c interactions in the stand (either facilitation or competition). For example, the development of a given species may depend on the existence of another in that zone, or on the contrary, the appearance of a specifi c species may hinder or impede the existence of another. The application of this new tool revealed different strategies between species at different scales in the studied forest, providing evidence for the complexity of the forest structure required to sustain the ecosystem. Any guidelines for the management of these fragile ecosystems must take into account these fi ndings.
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XXIII IUFRO World Congress. Forests for the future: sustaining sociaty and the environment.
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Seoul, Korea
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Abstracts of XXIII IUFRO World Congress. Forests for the future: sustaining sociaty and the environment. International Forestry Review 12 (2010).
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  • Autor: Sonia Condes Ruiz (UPM)
  • Autor: Alicia Ledo Álvarez (UPM)
  • Autor: Fernando Montes Pita (UPM)
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