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Between Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design, Does Object Oriented Architecture Exist?
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  • Ciencias de la computación y tecnología informática
In Object-Oriented (OO) development we are used to talking about an analysis phase and a design phase. In the analysis phase, problem domain requirements are analysed. In the design phase we jump into the solution domain and we express that solution using classes and relationships. Some methodologies, like the Unified Software Development Process, end up with a lot of resources in the analysis and design phases. Others, like Extreme Programming, do not consider those phases at all. But most of them have in common the gap of activities to develop the software architecture of the application. Undoubtedly, this gap is due to the development and maturity of software architecture, which appeared later than the methodologies mentioned before. In this chapter, we are going to study the analysis and design activities of some OO development methodologies and we will try to determine their relationship with the activities carried out to develop software architecture. Two important conclusions are drawn from this study. First, two meanings are extracted for the term ¿analysis¿ in the community of OO software engineering: the requirements analysis and the analysis of the artifacts generated from requirements of engineering activities. Second, we will conclude that a phase of software architecture (high-level design) between analysis and design (low-level design) is necessary. This phase facilitates the abrupt transition (due to the great difference among the levels of abstraction) from analysis to design.
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Nova Science Publishers Inc.
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Horizons in Computer Science Research. Volume 1
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  • Autor: Jorge Enrique Perez Martinez (UPM)
  • Participante: Almudena Sierra Alonso (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
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