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Ulab: European Laboratory for modelling the Technical Research University of Tomorrow

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Ulab is an innovative research University-based think-tank of five leading Technical and Research-intensive European Universities, committed to work together, for two years and beyond, towards renewing University policies in research, valorization, entrepreneurship and outreach. All Ulab partners are major actors in the European knowledge-based society with existing policies and success stories in these four areas. The partners are committed to systematically compare benchmark and refine their best practices to contribute towards better strategic choices. The proposed solutions will be overseen by the strategic management formed by the Vice-Presidents for Research) of each University and National University Association, to support the EC in its efforts to bring about new University policies. Ulab will work as a University Laboratory carrying out experimental best practices in order to demonstrate how networking and open innovation between universities can increase the quality of research and innovation in the quest for excellence. The new thinking emerging out of these exchanges will form a base for a white paper on How to build the Research University of Tomorrow giving recommendations to tackle specific challenges such as:

- Find the best cost effective research strategy and support infrastructures to advance with the quality indicators.

- Improve the impact of the research results. Jointly face the new challenges of internationalising the patent commercialisation activities.

- Find advanced support services to start-up companies, share resources and facilitate the access to export markets.

- Jointly define new means and strategies of Science and Technology outreach to citizens.

Ulab partners will activate their existing University networks and include University Associations to ensure dissemination of results among 4000 higher education institutions, of which 1800 are Universities with over 19 million students and 1.5 million staff all over Europe.

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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
Comisión Europea - DG Research
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  • Participante: Beatriz Cubeiro Espinosa UPM
  • Participante: Aristides Senra Diaz UPM
  • Participante: Elisa Bego\U00D1a Navarro Carrillo UPM
  • Participante: Ana Barrero Arroyo UPM
  • Participante: Elena Berga Montardit UPM
  • Participante: Ana Goicolea Ruigómez UPM
  • Participante: Estefanía Muñoz Sánchez UPM
  • Participante: Andrea Piehl Harms UPM
  • Participante: Javier Lopez Rodriguez UPM
  • Participante: Ismael Cabezas Tejero UPM
  • Participante: Roberto Martinez Gamero UPM
  • Participante: Roberto Prieto Lopez UPM
  • Participante: Maria Ines Minguez Tudela UPM
  • Participante: Pilar Fernandez De Pablos UPM
  • Participante: Carmen Matias Gomez UPM
  • Participante: Dolores Martinez Rios UPM
  • Participante: Norma García Martínez UPM
  • Participante: Inga Dreville . UPM
  • Participante: Ana Belen Bermejo Nieto UPM
  • Director: Gonzalo Leon Serrano UPM

Research Group, Departaments and Institutes related
  • Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro de Estudios e Investigación para la Gestión de Riesgos Agrarios Medioambientales (CEIGRAM)
  • Grupo de Investigación: Grupo de Sistemas Agrarios (AgSystems)
  • Departamento: Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos
  • Departamento: Automática, Ingeniería Electrónica e Informática Industrial
  • Departamento: Producción Vegetal: Fitotecnia