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INFINITY: INfrastructure support and capacity building for the Future INternet communITY

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The INFINITY Support Action will have a positive impact on the success of the FI-PPP programme. Through collaboration with organisations across Europe, INFINITY will capture and communicate information about available infrastructures and any interoperability requirements and issues. INFINITY will document any usage-related operational constraints and seek to identify and foster federation opportunities that could facilitate large scale experimentation and testing.
A dynamic innovative repository based on a set of community-driven Web tools will be realized to promote the evolving vision of available infrastructures "as a living organism". This is supported by a methodology that will promote a consistent categorisation of the infrastructure resources, thereby facilitating a mapping between Use Case requirements and infrastructure offerings.
The efficient gathering of data about the available infrastructures is ensured by including key representatives of the important public and private infrastructure stakeholders directly in the consortium and/or as members of a “Concertation Board”.
The Web repository, the close co-operation with the FI-PPP Facilitation CSA and the specific expertise and relationships of the partners will:
• support the Core Platform by consolidating detail about existing and emerging advanced infrastructures, and help define the required Generic Enablers for seamless integration and enable new and innovative experimentation.
• stimulate infrastructure owners to effectively “bridge the gap” between their current capabilities and Use Case requirements, thereby encouraging investment in upgrades and standards to realise these opportunities, and leading to greater sustainability.
The project will produce an evolving series of recommendations, roadmaps, tactical actions and strategies that will enhance the potential for the identified infrastructures to participate in the trialling of FI-PPP Use Cases as the Programme progresses towards Phase 2.

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