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Definition and study of the innovative façade Natura, made of independent pre-vegetated and water storage type panels

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This article is a result of the SOS-Natura project, enshrined on the INNPACTO program from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The project is led by the Spanish company Intemper S.L., involving Tecnalia, AmetsLab (Modular Architecture Eco-technological S.L.), and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The overall objective is developing a new green wall solution that enhances energy efficiency of the building throughout its life cycle. The Project proposes a green building envelope system made up of a group of pre-vegetated independent detachable panels. These panels or modules include the necessary green substratum for growing plants. To water with any additional fertilizer is not necessary because of the water tank located in the bottom part of every panel or module. The water storage tank allows that every different vegetable species could absorb water according to their necessities. It results on remarkable water saving and a homogeneous growing of the plants. Simulations made with ENVI-met software allow modelling the urban microclimate from a starting point of interaction of the land surface, wind and vertical surfaces. They demonstrate that green water storage façade achieve a higher reduction of CO2 in comparison with tree-lined street solutions. The effect is amplified in narrow streets ? those with a relation between width and length under 1. Analysis run during summer period indicates that the use of green water storage façade allows reducing temperature in comparison with a tree-lined street. This research details de results obtained using Design Builder software for energy simulations. The wall solution allows homogeneous inside comfort temperatures which tend to cool the ambient with a difference of 5ºC in comparison with other wall solutions as well as the previous advantages already mentioned.
VI International Congress on Architectural Envelopes
San Sebastián, Donosti. España
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