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A permanent tethered observatory at Jupiter for power generation
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  • Ingeniería naval
Outer planet exploration has always been handicapped by a scarcity of power. The conversion from solar energy to electricity becomes rapidly ineffective further from the Sun. Solar intensity at Jupiter, the nearest of the outer planets, is only the 4 of its value at Earth. For a mission to Jupiter any extra power will allow the use of instruments which normally cannot be deployed in space because they need too much energy. Electrodynamic tethers could be used in some missions as an interesting alternative to produce the required level of onboard energy. This paper describes the essential dynamical issues arising in the placement of a permanent observatory located at one of the Jupiter inner moonlets (Adrastea, Metis, Amalthea) and sustained by an electrodynamic tether working in the generator regime. The electrodynamic tether will be deorbiting the moonlet by using its gravitational attraction; in doing so it converts the mechanical energy of the moonlet into electrical energy that can be used onboard. The aim of the work is to analyze the dynamical problem posed by such a observatory and also the main aspects related with the orbital dynamics and attitude dynamics of such a Jupiter station.
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Universidad de Michigan
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Universidad de Michigan
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  • Autor: Jesus Pelaez Alvarez (UPM)
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