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Audio device that compensates sonometric listener response for a perfect listening experience.

The Audio Research Group of the School of Engineering and Telecommunication Systems at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) has developed a device that compensates the sonometric response of the listener to perceive sound with the highest possible quality.

This device is applicable to any commercial application of audio and can even work as a hearing aids with superior cost savings of 80%. It is a hardware device (or software on any device that supports it), low cost, for the full enjoyment of the listening experience.

Technology Solution

The “Audiófono Exoaural” is inserted between the ear and the audio player, to compensate both audiometric-sonometric user response and the response of all elements of the audio chain.

It is a hardware device, or software (depending on the programming capabilities of the audio player), able to catch the audiometric-sonometric response of the user and the responses of all the elements of the audio chain (headphones, audio player, etc.), and compensate them  in real time for obtaining an ideal response.

The “Audiófono Exoaural” is the first device that allows a perfect hearing and, therefore, full enjoyment of the listening experience.

“Simple and low cost solution to get the perfect listening.”

Market demands

Audiovisual Entertainment

  • Exhaustion of technological development in the audio signal. The audio industry has far exceeded the qualities of auditory perceptual system. No greater technological quality needed to listen better.
  • Need for a qualitative jump in the audio world because of the potential losses suffered by record companies due to illegal downloads.


  • Reduction of cost of hearing aids, maintaining the quality of them.
  • Headphones working as hearing aids.
  • Audio quality compatible with hearing impairment.


“The entertainment industry needs a qualitative jump for further growth.”

Market potential

Audiovisual Entertainment

  • Essential audio device in Smartphones, Audio Players, TV, Movies, video games, 3D sound, etc.
  • Business sectors of continuously growing globally.


  • Working as hearing aids with a cost reduction of 80%.
  • Quality audio integration with the correction of hearing impairment.
Competitive advantages

  •  First audio device that integrates the sonometric response of the listener in the audio playback.
  •  Leap of quality in the audio world.
  •  Compatible with other audio equipment (players, headphones, TV, smartphones, etc.)
  •  Low cost system.
  •  Software version for smartphones.
  •  Also applies to people with severe hearing impairment. The role of hearing aids is performed by this system at a cost much lower (<80%).

  • The Audio Research Group of the School of Engineering and Telecommunication Systems at the Technical University of Madrid has over 20 years experience in Audio, Acoustics, Active Noise Control and applications of digital signal processing.
  • It has several patents related to the audiometry and active noise control.

  • Patent granted in Spain  ES2593076
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab Prototype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production 

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Lino García y Antonio Mínguez .

e: {lino.garcia;antonio.minguez} 

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