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The European Summer School on Construction History (CH.ESS 2011). Conferencias impartidas: 24-07-2011. Historical review on vault architecture. 26-07-2011. History of vault theories: from Robert Hooke to Jacques Heyman. 29-07-2011. Thrust and Counter-thrust: The buttressing problem in masonry architecture. 27-07, 1-08, 3-08, 5-08-2011. Field work supervisor: The geometryof the vaults of the gate of Queen's College.
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  • Engineering,
  • Architecture
The first European Summer School on Construction History (CH.ESS) is entitled "Conquering New Spheres - Two Millennia of Vaults, Domes and Shells". It will focus on the different design and construction techniques developed by engineers and architects in the course of the last 20 centuries to create vaulted structures in masonry, brick, timber, steel and (reinforced) concrete. The programme for CH.ESS 2011 compiles a variety of approaches to the summer school?s topic, including lectures, research presentations by students, panel discussions, field trips and field work. Being scheduled to occupy seven days, course work will play the main role. Furthermore a round-table talk will be carried out at halftime of the summer school. At the end of CH.ESS 2011 the results of the field work campaign will be presented.
The European Summer School on Construction History (CH.ESS 2011)
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus
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  • Autor: Santiago Huerta Fernandez (UPM)
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  • Creador: Departamento: Estructuras de Edificación
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