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Neo-Nomadism. The urban dwelling as a place of passing-by.
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  • Viviendas,
  • Arquitectura,
  • Arquitectura domestica,
  • Arquitectura de la ciudad,
  • Movilidad social
Inhabiting implies necessarily leaving traces in the physical space: they are the authentic signs of its occupation. The internalization and the apprehension of the space involve the accomplishment of transformations, necessary for the full adaptation of the inhabitants to the above mentioned environment. These transformations provide the basis of an action in which chronological time acts as the determinant parameter in the regulation of the intensity of these adaptive processes. In this way, the act of inhabiting reveals its maximum expression within the domestic space. The aim of this paper is to delve into the nature of the transformation process undergone by contemporary urban housing as a consequence of the increasing movements within the city and the metropolitan areas. The result has been a consistent reduction in the period of time individuals spend in the domestic space. This increasing social dynamic can be understood as a new version of nomadism which, unlike the traditional concept, only refers to the variability of the position of the individuals and not their material belongings. Drawing on this perspective, it is possible to state that this trend has increased urban life by reducing physical presence within the dwelling. This, therefore, has caused that the act of leaving traces as signs of occupation, has also been modified. At the present time, these traces are less intense and easily erasable. From the analysis of two relevant cases, the GWL Terrain Housing from Neutelings Riedijk and the EDA Apartments from R. Nishizawa, this paper tries to disclose a research path about the architectural aspects characterizing this new way of producing the domestic space: dimensional reduction, functional atomization, optimization of the spatial layout, and efficiency of the urban facilities.
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Abitare il Futuro ? Abitare il nuovo / abitare di nuovo ai tempi della crisi
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Dipartimento di Progettazione Urbana e di Urbanistica. Universitá degli Studi Federico II di Napoli
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Abitare il Futuro (2º edizione) ? Abitare il nuovo / abitare di nuovo ai tempi della crisi Inhabiting the Future (2nd edition) - Inhabiting the new / inhabiting again in times of crisis
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  • Autor: Gustavo Rojas Perez (UPM)
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