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Strategic alliance, value creation and firm performance heterogeneity in
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Strategic alliances are often associated with positive implications for firm performance and examining when a firm can have multiple alliances with different purposes has not been systematically studied. To understand the underpinnings of this relation between firm?s alliance portfolio and superior performance, this paper spreads on the resourcebased view with a relational perspective, and proposes that the performance implications of a firm?s strategic alliance need to be considered in terms of its fit with the business model and other organizational factors. In the global air transport industry, most airlines are maintaining a broad alliance portfolios and the average number of alliances has grown from 4 in 1994 to 12 by the year 2008. Surprisingly, strategic alliance decisions are made from an operational standpoint whereas, the focus should be on the business model fit to achieve superior performance and when an airline firm decides to add a new alliance to its portfolio, it tends to focus on how much value the alliance will create as a stand-alone transaction and somehow disregards the composition of its entire alliance portfolio that is an important determinant of the value that will come from a new alliance. Moreover, airline firms ignore the orientation its business model in terms of the entire alliance portfolio. This paper will study the implications of strategic alliance portfolios on the performance on an airline firm and try to propose a coherent theory that associates the airline business model and firm performance.
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MERGERS AND ALLIANCES II. Air Transport Research Society ATRS
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