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Line-coordinated optimisation of strip geometry and surface properties by using model-based predictive technologies
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different strategies have been considered in order to establish a coordinated approach to the coil processing with the focus on the product through different facilities. Different features and tools have been developed for analysing, monitoring and optimisation of strip flatness from entry of cold rolling to the exit of galvanising lines. A flatness measurement system has been improved and adapted to the circumstances at the entry of a galvanising line to quantify the post-rolling flatness and compare it with online flatness during the cold rolling process. Physically based as well as data-based models have been developed for predicting the evolution of strip flatness through the considered steel processing chain. Control features (disturbance compensation, interstand flatness prediction, coiler draw-down compensation, length-dependent flatness reference adaptation) were developed, implemented and tested at the industrial site to improve the flatness quality. The coiling process has been found to have a major effect on the cold-rolled strip flatness. To ensure optimal post-rolling flatness is a prerequisite for achieving uniform zinc thickness over the whole strip length. Also focus was kept on defect prediction in downstream production as well as to predict cleanness capability. Specific tools for coil grading application have been produced, making it possible to compare prediction of defects as well as defects finally found, and it will be considered as a key component for allowing reconfiguring the operating conditions in order to reduce the reprocessed material. http://bookshop.europa.eu/en/line-coordinated-optimisation-of-strip-geometry-and-surface-properties-by-using-model-based-predictive-technologies-linecop--pbKINA25858/?AllPersonalAuthorNames=true
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European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
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Industrial research and development, Basic metals industry, steel industry
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  • Autor: Mohaidine Jelali (BFI)
  • Autor: A. Wolff (BFI)
  • Autor: J. Bathelt (Saltzgiter)
  • Autor: P Foerster
  • Autor: Miguel Nevot (Arcelor Mittal)
  • Autor: Joaquin Bienvenido Ordieres Mere (UPM)
  • Autor: Isabel Ortiz Marcos (UPM)
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