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Water for rice farming and biodiversity: exploring choices for adaptation to climate change in Doñana, southern Spain.
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  • Cambio climático,
  • Sistema de explotación agraria,
  • Política agraria,
  • Producto agrícola
The Doñana wetlands, in the lower part of the Gualdaquivir basin (Spain), is one of the richest natural ecosystems in Western Europe. On their eastern side they are surrounded by the largest rice-producing area of the country. The great dependence of the wetland ecosystem and rice production system on water and climate makes this region particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, which will alter the state of the environment and local livelihood security. This chapter explores the adaptation options available to actors in the region to maintain socio-economic welfare while preserving the wetland ecosystems quality and functions. Adaptation options are framed according to the local social, economic and environmental context. Stakeholders in the area informed every step of the analysis, as their attitude before future challenges and their adaptation preferences will define the success or failure of any adaptation strategy. Findings suggest that the main actors perceive the compelling need to face changes that can be attributed to global warming ? decrease in water availability, increase in frequency and severity of droughts, water quality degradation due to lower river flows ? and challenges posed by many external drivers ? e.g. market globalization and the reform of European agricultural policy. Adaptation options include initiatives to increase local capacity to deal with change 4
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Adaptation to Climate Change through Water Resources Management: Capacity, Equity, and Sustainability
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  • Autor: Lucia De Stefano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid,)
  • Autor: Nuria Hernandez Mora (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Autor: Ana Luisa Iglesias Picazo (UPM)
  • Autor: Berta Sánchez Fernández (UPM)
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