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Effect of enzyme supplementation on the energy content of corn, wheat, and barley in 22-d-old broilers.
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  • Foodstuffs tecnology,
  • Cattle ranch and fishes
We studied the effects of a commercial multi-enzyme complex [with a minimum of 8,000 U/g of endo-1,4-?-glucanase, 18,000 U/g of endo- 1,3(4)-?-glucanase and 26,000 U/g of endo-1,4-?-xylanase (XYL); Roxazyme G2 G, DSM Nutritional Products, Basel, Switzerland] and a mono component serine protease (PRO; Ronozyme ProAct, DSM Nutritional Products) on the AMEn of 3 cereals in 22-d-old broilers. The design was a 3 × (2 × 2) factorial arrangement of 3 cereals (corn, wheat and barley), 2 levels of XYL (0 vs. 100 mg/kg), and 2 levels of PRO (0 vs. 200 mg/kg to give 0 and 15,000 PROT units/kg feed). Each of the 12 treatments was replicated 24 times and the experimental unit was a cage with 8 birds. Birds were fed a commercial corn-soybean meal diet from 1 to 18 d of age, followed by the experimental diets, that consisted of a 92:8 mixture of the cereal and a nitrogen free diet to 22 d of age. No interactions (P > 0.10) between cereal tested and enzymes supplementation were detected. The AMEn content was higher for corn and as compared with barley (2,789 and 2,751 vs. 2,619 kcal/kg; P < 0.001). XYL (2,757 vs. 2,682 kcal/kg; P < 0.05) and PRO (2,761 vs. 2,679 kcal/kg; P < 0.05) supplementation increased the AMEn of the diets. However, the combination of both enzymes complexes had no additional effect over that of the individual enzymes. Trends observed in short-term digestibility trials when combining different enzyme activities may not reflect the response seen when fed in the diet from d 1 or the response to multiple enzymes on animal performance. In summary, the AMEn of the diet was similar for corn and wheat and higher for both than for barley. Supplementation with XYL or/and PRO increased AMEn of the grains tested.
Poultry Science Association
Louisville, Kentucky
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Effect of enzyme supplementation on the energy content of corn, wheat, and barley in 22-d-old broilers
  • Autor: Lourdes Camara Garcia (UPM)
  • Autor: Mohammadvahid Kimiaeitalab (UPM)
  • Autor: Maria del Pilar Guzman Medina (UPM)
  • Autor: Clovis Gewehr
  • Autor: Roselina Angel
  • Autor: Adam Smith
  • Autor: Gonzalo Gonzalez Mateos (UPM)
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  • Creador: Departamento: Producción Agraria
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