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Global Patterns of Human Communication
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  • Física química y matemáticas
Social media are transforming global communication and coordination. The data derived from social media can reveal patterns of human behavior at all levels and scales of society. Using geolocated Twitter data, we have quantified collective behaviors across multiple scales, ranging from the commutes of individuals, to the daily pulse of 50 major urban areas and global patterns of human coordination. Human activity and mobility patterns manifest the synchrony required for contingency of actions between individuals. Urban areas show regular cycles of contraction and expansion that resembles heartbeats linked primarily to social rather than natural cycles. Business hours and circadian rhythms influence daily cycles of work, recreation, and sleep. Different urban areas have characteristic signatures of daily collective activities. The differences are consistent with a new emergent global synchrony that couples behavior in distant regions across the world. A globally synchronized peak that includes exchange of ideas and information across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. We propose a dynamical model to explain the emergence of global synchrony in the context of increasing global communication and reproduce the observed behavior. The collective patterns we observe show how social interactions lead to interdependence of behavior manifest in the synchronization of communication. The creation and maintenance of temporally sensitive social relationships results in the emergence of complexity of the larger scale behavior of the social system.
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Conference on Complex Systems 2017 (CCS2017) [http://ccs17.unam.mx/]
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Cancun (México)
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Conference on Complex Systems 2017 - Abstract booklet [http://ccs17.unam.mx/booklet.pdf]
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  • Autor: Alfredo Morales Guzmán (UPM)
  • Autor: Vaibhav Vavilala (New England Complex Systems Institute, Estados Unidos)
  • Autor: Rosa Maria Benito Zafrilla (UPM)
  • Autor: Yaneer Bar-Yam (New England Complex Systems Institute, Estados Unidos)
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