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Protein-rich legume and pseudo-cereal crop suitability under present and future European climates (En Revision)
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  • Natural sciences and health sciences
The health and environmental benefits of plant proteins with respect to animal proteins is increasingly driving debate about the potential of protein-rich crops as dietary replacements for animal products. Climate change may however hinder this potential. Analyses of the impacts of climate change upon protein-rich crops are limited, with exceptions, globally and are almost non-existent across the European Union. To address this, we implement a European-scale analysis of 13 protein-rich crops, using the crop suitability model EcoCrop and climate projections for the 2050s, based upon 30 Global Circulation Models, under RCP4.5. The results demonstrate the divergent effects of climate change upon European agriculture, with crop suitability increasing for many crops in northern Europe, whilst declining in southern Europe. This analysis further evidences the potential for novel crops like quinoa as robust protein-rich crop options under future climates. The results infer the need for concerted breeding and research planning strategies to improve the tolerance of some crops to the abiotic stresses of climate change, whilst taking advantage of modelled shifts in crop distributions. Production planning and future agricultural support options should consider these likely impacts, to encourage shifts at EU-scales in line with suitability, and to provide more resilient crop options in regions where protein-rich crop production is likely to be most heavily impacted.
European Journal of Agronomy
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  • Autor: Rhys Manners . (UPM)
  • Autor: Consuelo Varela Ortega (UPM)
  • Autor: Jacob van Etten (Bioversity International)
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  • Creador: Departamento: Economía Agraria, Estadística y Gestión de Empresas
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