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Governance dynamics in multi-partner alliances: Toward an integrated framework
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  • Ciencias sociales
The aim of this dissertation is to contribute theoretically and empirically to the understanding of the governance of contractual (non-equity) multi-partner alliances formed between SMEs. This goal is achieved through examination of the two governance challenges, choice of initial governance structure (structure) and governance dynamics over alliance life cycle (process), and through their synthesis to create an integrated theoretical model of alliance collaboration. Most scholars see ?structure? as the organizational or legal form of the alliance. Researchers have tried to predict the choice of governance structure using different theoretical perspectives and have proposed that governance structure is a function of partner, resources or industry characteristics. An initial governance structure establishes the conditions for the process of the exchange, i.e., the governance structure is linked to the process of governance evolution. ?Process? represents day-to-day responses to governance challenges over alliance life cycle, i.e., evolving governance structure which has a task to keep the alliance in a state of relative equilibrium and avoid negative outcomes and process discrepancies. The decision related to the creation of the initial governance structure is therefore only one component of a much broader challenge of governing alliances. Understanding the post-formation governance dynamics is probably even more relevant for the success of alliances than understanding of initial governance structure.
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  • Director: Antonio Hidalgo Nuchera (UPM)
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