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Shape irregularity as indicator of forest biodiversity and guidelines for metric selection
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  • Agricultura
The development of quantitative methods in landscape ecology has provided new perspectives for analysing the distribution of forest biodiversity. The shape of landscape patterns may be linked to the imprint of the factors that have configured the boundaries and affected the diversity of forest patches. There is now available a large number of spatial metrics for characterising the shape of landscape patterns. However, the properties, behaviour and adequacy of these shape metrics for landscape pattern analysis have not been sufficiently evaluated, and there is a risk of potential misuse and arbitrary metric selection. We review the main characteristics and limitations of existing landscape shape metrics, and explore the relationships between shape irregularity metrics and forest landscape biodiversity in the regions of Galicia and Asturias (NW Spain). We analysed data from the Spanish Forest Map, the Third Spanish National Forest Inventory and the Spanish Atlas of Vertebrates at two different levels: forest types with homogenous composition and different total areas, and equally-sized heterogeneous UTM 10 x 10 km cells. We found that shape irregularity metrics were significantly correlated with forest vegetation diversity and with the richness of forest birds, mammals and total vertebrate species. Shape metrics correlated more with forest biodiversity variables than fragmentation metrics. We conclude that shape irregularity metrics may serve as valuable spatial indicators of forest biodiversity at the landscape scale, and suggest that more attention should be paid to shape as a key characteristic of landscape patterns
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Patterns and Processes in Forest Landscapes: Multiple Use and Sustainable Management
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  • Participante: ASSU GIL-TENA (Universidad Lérida)
  • Participante: LUCIA PASCUAL-HORTAL (Universidad Lérida)
  • Autor: Santiago Fulgencio Saura Martinez de Toda (UPM)
  • Participante: OLGA TORRAS (Universidad Lérida)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Economía y Sostenibilidad del Medio Natural
  • Departamento: Economía y Gestión Forestal
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