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Silene diclinis: seed morphology, accelerated ageing and conservation
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  • Botánica
Silene diclinis (Lag.) Laínz (Caryophyllaceae) is an endemic species from east Spain, and included in the European Union Habitat Directive. It has a high conservation interest due to the restricted area of distribution, low number of populations, all with a low number of individuals, and high threat by human pressures. Fructification success and seed production of the species were studied, and seed morphological and anatomical characterisation completed. Seed dormancy, optimal conditions for germination and loss of viability were analysed. These results will be used in the development of a seed conservation programme for the species. A factorial accelerated ageing experiment was performed applying 5º, 20º and 35°C, which represent the maximum, medium and minimum temperatures in the habitat of Silene diclinis in Xátiva, Valencia; and different relative humidity environments of 33%, 60%, and 90%RH. Furthermore, the habitual protocol for seed conservation in seed banks was applied to dormant and non-dormant seeds; afterwards seed viability subsequent to different conservation periods was tested. The results show the relevance of storage conditions immediately after the collection of seeds and before encapsulation of them for long term conservation. Further, information was obtained on how seeds lose viability during an inappropriate conservation procedure.
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EuroGard V Botanic gardens in the age of climate change
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Helsinki, Finlandia
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EuroGard V Botanic gardens in the age of climate change
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  • Autor: E. ESTRELLES
  • Autor: Sara Mira Perez (UPM)
  • Autor: ANA M. IBARS
  • Autor: M. Elena Gonzalez Benito (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Biodiversidad y conservación de recursos fitogenéticos
  • Departamento: Biología Vegetal
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