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New Frontiers in Data Analysis, Optimization and Visualization for Bioinformatics and Neurosciences
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  • Artificial intelligence
Life sciences have been one of the major application fields in which advanced data analysis techniques have been applied. Medical informatics has been a subject of study in the early machine learning history. Nowadays, life sciences produce an enormous amount of complex data, to be analyzed or visualized appropriately. Two of the key fields in which these techniques have a major role to play are (i) bioinformatics (for example, the analysis of data derived from high-throughput genomics, proteomics, artificial life simulations, or metabolic networks and pathways) and (ii) neurosciences (such as, data produced by microscope imagery, experimental neuronal physiology and morphology or neuronal circuit simulation). The data retrieved from these two fields are high-dimensional, complex, and difficult to represent. These characteristics require the definition of new techniques or the use of interesting ideas from other fields, previously unused on these data. The scope of this session is to present ¿on going¿ research that is new and non-standard to allow scientists to understand biological and neuronal processes in the future. The goal is to push forward the science with new ideas that will present different approaches to exploit in the years to come.
International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems (IEA-AIE 2010)
International Society of Applied Intelligence (ISAI)
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  • Participante: Fazel Famili
  • Autor: Jose Maria Peña Sanchez (UPM)
  • Participante: Ángel Merchán
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP
  • Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Centro de tecnología Biomédica CTB
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