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Chapter 22.- Electrodynamic Analysis of Antennas in Multipath Conditions
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  • Telecomunicación
During the last years, a sustained growth in the number of users in mobile communication systems has led the necessity to increase their capacity. With the imminent arrival of the fourth generation and the deployment of new high data rate services, the increasing of system capacity is essential. Adaptive arrays and MIMO antennas (multiple input and multiple output) become a promising affordable solution.. The use of these techniques will not only increase the capacity but also they improve the signal quality, coverage range and they simplify the application of new services by exploiting the specific characteristics of these antenna systems. However, the introduction of these technologies involves changes in network planning and deployment, in addition, the increased complexity of both the tranceptors as the radio resource management. In these new radio technologies, antenna system devices shall be designed to get advantage from the multipath. Moreover antennas cannot be considered apart from the radio channel to define the whole structure of radiocommunication system, as well as, its management and planning. This is why this chapter addresses the analysis of antennas in a multipath environment. The chapter consists of four more sections. The following one is a comprehensive and detailed analysis from the point of view of the electromagnetic theory of a receiving antenna. It will be the basis for the third section, which presents the time analysis of the output antenna signals with deep fading, oriented to a better understanding of more complex systems as the MIMO ones. In this case, the procedure is used to evaluate the spatial correlation between radiators. The fourth section provides a brief description of fading signals from a statistical point of view, deepening into the classification of radio channels. The fifth section presents some conclusions and a list of references.
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In-Tech (intechweb.org)
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Advanced Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies: Semiconductor Devices, Circuits and Systems
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