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VIDEONA. Share your life in a film

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Social network for sharing user-generated video content from mobile devices.

G@TV, a research team from the Technical University of Madrid has developed Videona, a tool created to meet the needs of the new digital natives. Videona can record and edit clips on your own mobile device. Share them immediately to your beloved ones. Create a new video combining multiple multimedia assets (images, video, audio…) just in a few steps!

Film what you feel, share what you love… that’s VIDEONA, your new Social network to share your videos and  compete with your friends with a rewards system. Currently, the first version of Video Zone, the video editing tool of Videona, has already reached 130,000 downloads  [October 2013].

Technology Solution


Videona provides a powerful set of tools to manage your video creativity everywhere, anytime. Videona integrates recording and editing solutions and makes you free to select multimedia assets in your mobile device and create new personalized content within the terminal.

It has been implemented to allow a complete independency of the network status, and to save the result immediately in our device.

Videona capabilities can work besides any other social network at the whish of the user or in its own social network, because the videos are both, on the device, and in the Videona’s cloud servers.


“Videona allows video recording and editing in a mobile device, and, the possibility to share it immediately with your friends through a social network”.


Market demands

Social Networks

  • Social networks like Facebook, Hi5 or Twitter aim to provide people interaction tools. Nowadays, they are considered the best way to communicate the user with its relatives. In fact, it is quite usual that people publish on them a picture from an event they recently attended. After the assimilation of image in the social networks the next step is to move forward the video sharing, being all the major Social networks already developing their own video editor for mobile devices.

Mobile apps in Multimedia and Video sector

  • The growing market share from smartphones that are equipped with a video camera and powerful processing units, has contributed to a increasing demand on Apps for smartphones that use these capacities. Countries like USA (12,82%), South Korea (8,14%) or even Spain (2,36%) are on the top ten leading countries in downloads on this kind of applications. On average, an user spends in average around 6 Euro in apps. According to some market analysis Apps based on video editing has its own market gap.

“The major Social Networks are looking forward to sharing user-generated videos over them”

Market potential

Social Networks

  • Twitter has developed Vine, its own video edition app, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times. The shares of Twitter have jumped 73% in its market debut.
  • Facebook bought Instagram for 1B$ in April 2012, allowing their users to edit videos and the addition of color filters to their creations. Last year registered access from mobile devices have increased a 46%. Facebook actually has 874 million users, from which around the half of them use Instagram tool.

Mobile apps in Multimedia and Video sector

  • There are more apps that allow users to share videos like Socialcam or Viddy. Despite they have less users that the majors, their numbers are outstanding (up to 5 millions downloads each). There are also video editing apps like VidTrim or WeVideo but the process is not carried out in the device.
  • Usual business model is based on free applications and revenues mainly acquired from advertisement sector. For instance, Facebook incremented 60% on the company benefits in October 2013 thanks to the incomes due to mobile advertisement.
Competitive advantages

  • Video editing can be done in the own mobile device. Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Users can record and edit videos instantaneously.
  • Editing videos up to 45 seconds long.
  • Videona, thanks to its free video editor VideoZone, allows users to combine up to 5 multimedia assets from any type (images and/or video) and duration, as well as an audio stream can be added over the whole creation.
  • Resolutions adapted to the capabilities of the terminals
  • It is possible to publish custom clips in the desired social network user or Videona own social network.

“VIDEONA is following a Freemium approach and its video editing tool, Video Zone, can be downloaded for free from Google Play. The evolution to a Premium version will allow adding performance improvements (i.e. less time in video creation, color filters and unlimited number of multimedia assets). Integration with major Social networks and gamification are key elements for the successful evolution of this tool”.


  • Research Group with experience in the field of audiovisual media and networking technologies.
  • Video Zone can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It has achieved more than 130.000 downloads in 10 months during 2013 [October 2013]. 
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab-Protoype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production


Nuria Sánchez, Iago Fdez-Cedrón


w: http://www.videona.es

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