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Astenomic. The voice of your business


Astenomic platform enables savings in operational costs using voice over IP, offering as well a self-managed platform that adapts capabilities to demand.

Astenomic promotes the automated management of a VoIP system using automated deployment open source technologies, the creation of an autonomous system to manage and maintain the whole platform and the use of cloud technologies for adapting capability used at any given time to demand. This solution would allow big companies to generate great savings in operational costs, as it reduces the need for specialized expertise, it avoids most of licensing costs,  creating an easily scalable system and reducing the time required for deployment and maintenance operations. Since the platform is based on the use of open source tools that are highly widespread amongst companies, reliability and scalability are guaranteed.

Technology Solution

This solution is based on the integration of ideas and technologies already known in the software engineering area but have not yet been applied to other ones such as VoIP communications.

These technologies, which include both self-managed standalone systems and cloud technologies, allow us to manage every aspect of the platform automatically, from the deployment of new features and switchboards to fault management.

For instance, if a switchboard fails, the system would be able to detect it and deploy a new one automatically, establishing the requiered connections for replacing the failed one without human intervention. This would shorten response times and enhance the quality of service.

“Astenomic platform is able to apply current autonomous systems and virtualization technologies to reduce operational costs related to VoIP”

Market demands

  • Current VoIP solutions are not very flexible. Adding more capacity or new features to an already deployed system requires the payment of new license fees.
  • Deployment time of new platforms or new functionalities is slow. A medium-sized VoIP network installation (around 1.000 lines) may take weeks.
  • Maintenance of VoIP systems is highly expensive. Specialized staff is needed to manage switchboards, annual licensing fees must be paid for the software that depends on the number of installations instead of the actual use of it. Therefore, it is paid for a fixed capacity, wasting resources that are not used in low demand periods but are also reserved.

“Current VoIP sytems are expensive (both deployments and maintenance actions),  costly to update or deploy and are privative solutions that don’t allow a high degree of customization”

Market potential

  • VoIP market is  a growing one, with an annual growth of 24.5%.
  • Nowadays, a 9.3% of fixed telephone lines are based on VoIP technology (around 1.96 million lines).
  • It is known that around 20% of spanish companies already use communication systems based on VoIP, with an annual growth of 6.1%.
  • There are 41 operators providing VoIP services in Spain; around 100 companies provide services related to the installation of VoIP equipment.
Competitive advantages

  • Easy-to-manage platform. It doest not require specialized personnel.
  • The platform used capacity is tailored to current demand, thus avoiding wasting resources of the customer.
  • Easy to add new functionalities and customization, as it uses open-source tools.
  • Large reduction in software licenses spending through the use of open-source tools.
  • Platform costs does not depend on the numer of communication lines or workstations.
  • Overall, using this kind of platform implies a high savings cost related to communication networks.


  • Research team with more than 7 years of experience in the fields of autonomous systems and cloud technologies.
  • Professional experience supported with more than 5 years of activity in VoIP sector.
Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab Prototype
  • Industrial Prototype
  • Production 

Astenomic contact 

Alfredo Espejel,Álvaro Navas

e: alfredo.espejel.corvera@gmail.com

e: alvaro.navas@centeropenmiddleware.com

UPM contact

Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Area

Centre of Support for Technological Innovation – UPM 

e: innovacion.tecnologica@upm.es

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