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Technofusion: Opportunities for the Inertial Confinement Fusion Community

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The new Spanish Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure, Technofusion (funded by the Spanish Government and the Madrid Regional Government), provides a strong impulse to the development of new technologies for the design of a fusion energy reactor chamber. In principle, laboratories and equipment constructed for the seven research areas comprised in Technofusion can be used for both magnetic and inertial confinement fusion approaches and most of the research and development carried out for one of the fusion concepts will be valid and transferable to the other. Nevertheless, there is one research area, Plasma Facing Materials, in which the planned experimental facility and the generated results might not be applicable for inertial fusion. The fact that the plasmas interacting with facing materials in both approaches is quite different (duration and kinetic energy of the particles) makes necessary the use of different experimental tools for investigation. The present chapter describes the common research aspects and highlights the main differences between the magnetic and inertial approaches. A new facility for laser generation of radiation pulses is described. The facility is intended to mimic realistic inertial fusion explosions and thus, it is appropriate for plasma wall studies under inertial fusion condition. It could be included as an addition to the projected Technofusion equipments. Other specific uses for inertial fusion of the future available facilities in Technofusion will be discussed.
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First Workshop on Fusion Technologiesand the Contribution of TECHNOFUSIÓN
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