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A comparative analysis of capabilities and limitations of acquisition systems of hydrographic marine data
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  • Oceanografía,
  • Ingenierías,
  • Ingeniería de costas
During the last decades the protection and the proper management of the oceans and their resources, as a provider of essential goods and services for humans, has become the main focus of numerous policies and conventions, at both national and international level. In a specific way, the European Union (EU) has started several legal and financial initiatives in order to move forward the sustainable use of the sea and oceans. In this regard one of the main goals of the EU?s integrated maritime policy is to create a base of scientific marine knowledge and it emphasizes in the availability of coherent, quality-checked and georeferenced data as an especially important tool. In accordance with the INSPIRE Directive, and with the aim of fostering the creation of coherent and integrated networks of data to ensure interoperability between them, diverse initiatives are being developed in Europe in order to establish an operational marine data infrastructure, facing the current problems of fragmented, dispersed and heterogeneous marine data and observations. The present communication focuses in a comparative analysis, at European level, of different sources of marine information that provide data for hydrographic applications, as well as to give a global view of the current availability of them. This paper analyzes aspects relating to capabilities and limitations of the European main sources, throughout the analysis of the different methods and technologies used to obtain the data and how they are assembled, just as the main features of the different kinds of information that are finally accessible to the end user.
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FIG Working Week 2011 Bridging the Gap between Cultures
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Marrakech (Morocco)
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Proceedings FIG Working Week 2011
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  • Autor: Cesar Garcia Aranda (UPM)
  • Autor: Agustin Molina Garcia (UPM)
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