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Performance Analysis of 10,000 Residential PV Systems in France and Belgium
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  • Ingeniería eléctrica, electrónica y automática
The main objective of this paper is to review the state of the art of residential PV systems in France and Belgium. This is done analyzing the operational data of 10650 PV systems (9657 located in France and 993 in Belgium). Three main questions are posed. How much energy do they produce? What level of performance is associated to their production? Which are the key parameters that most influence their quality? During the year 2010, the PV systems in France have produced a mean annual energy of 1163 kWh/kWp in France and 852 kWh/kWp in Belgium. As a whole, the orientation of PV generators causes energy productions to be some 7% inferior to optimally oriented PV systems. The mean Performance Ratio is 76% in France and 78% in Belgium, and the mean Performance Index is 85% in both countries. On average, the real power of the PV modules falls 4.9% below its corresponding nominal power announced on the manufacturer?s datasheet. A brief analysis by PV modules technology has lead to relevant observations about two technologies in particular. On the one hand, the PV systems equipped with Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT) modules show performances higher than average. On the other hand, the systems equipped with Copper Indium (di)Selenide (CIS) modules show a real power that is 16 % lower than their nominal value.
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Hamburgo, Alemania
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  • Autor: Luis Narvarte Fernandez (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: SISTEMAS FOTOVOLTÁICOS
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  • Departamento: Ingeniería de Circuitos y Sistemas
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