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GIST: ICT Tools greening food processing businesses
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The European food and drink industry generates ?965 billion in turnover representing 13% of EU manufacturing sector turnover in 2009 and is the leading employer in the EU with 4,4 million people employed (14% of the total jobs in EU manufacturing)i. Nevertheless, food processes contributes for a considerable percentage of the overall pollution in Europe. The food industry is a major energy user (food sector consumes about 10-15% of total energy in industrialised countries) and a major user of water (around 8% of all water used by the entire industrial sector)ii. In response to previous scenario, the main target of this project is increasing sustainable capacities and improving the environmental performance of European Food SMEs from the Meat, Dairy and Vegetable Sectors, releasing marketable and innovative ICT solutions focused on the management of environmental sustainability at food processing stage. For the fulfilment of this objective, the following strategies will be implemented, under a life cycle approach, with the aim of preventing and reducting the environmental impacts, as well as contributing to the optimal use of resources in Food SMEs: ¿ Optimised efficiency of water, raw materials and energy usage by means of an assessment and decision support tool allowing the identification and analysis of the less efficient points and the identification of focused prevention and minimisation options (Best Available Techniques, Technologies, and Management Practices for sustainability improvement in processing, logistics and management),_ Software Application for the Management of Environmental Sustainability. ¿ Optimised performance levels of current processes and supervision of progress towards sustainability by means of a monitoring system enabling heterogeneous measurements and monitoring of environmental parameters in facilities _ Monitoring system of environmental issues based on Wireless Sensor Network. ¿ Development of a simplified life cycle methodology and associated databases with detailed information on eco-efficiency indicators and life cycle inventory datasets focused to the vegetable, meat and dairy food subsectors. )_ Assessment Methodology The project aims to boost the market validation and initial deployment of an innovative, simple and low cost assessment and decision support tool, based on ICT, for supporting the ecoinnovation in the Food SMEs by the integrated management of environmental sustainability at processing stage. The project will test and validate the attractiveness of the proposed solution in terms of functionality, reliability and effectiveness at European level, developing a realistic business and deployment plan based on the experience and results obtained from the real scale test performed. A clearly defined work programme will be set up to achieve these objectives, divided into the following workpackages: WP1- Project Management (whole project); WP2- System Industrialisation (15 months); WP3- Pilot, Validation and Service Evaluation (19 months); WP4- Exploitation and Business Plan (whole project) and WP5- Dissemination Activities (whole project). With the purpose of ensuring the replicability of the proposed solution at European scale, the Project Consortium will account with end-users and intermediary entities belonging to different food sub-sectors (Meat, Dairy and Vegetable), all of them taking place in all EU Member States (Spain, Italy and France). The implementation of the system in such different scenarios will demonstrate its horizontal character and hence its replicability and marketability. The implementation of the GIST proposed solution will allow reducing the energy consumption by 15%, the water consumption by 5%, the waste water discharge by 10% and the solid wastes generation by 10%.
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  • Director: Teresa Riesgo Alcaide (UPM)
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