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Interspecific tree architecture variation of Continental Spain canopy tree species in relation to wood density, shade tolerance and climate
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  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
Tree architecture has important consequences for tree performance as it determines resource capture, mechanical stability and dominance over competitors. In this study we analyzed architectural relationships between stem diameter versus height and crown dimensions for 13 dominant canopy tree species of Continental Spain belonging to the Pinaceae and Fagaceae, and related species architecture traits to wood density, shade tolerance and climatic factors (rainfall, drought, and frost). Across species we found a trade-off between the intercepts and slopes of the relationships, reflecting different tree strategies to optimize current or future light capture. Fagaceae had, compared to Pinaceae, denser wood, taller saplings with wider crowns, and adults with larger maximal crown size but smaller maximal height. In combination these traits enhance light acquisition and persistence in the understory, thus contributing to their shade tolerance. Pinaceae species had opposite traits thus contributing to their light demand. Wood density had a strong influence in tree architecture, with dense-wooded species having taller saplings because of stiffer stems and wider crowns probably because of cheaper branch expansion costs. Across species, the relation between stem length-stem diameter, and between crown length-stem diameter became shallower with an increase in length of the drought period. Species from drier areas had therefore shorter stems and shallower crowns for a given stem diameter, probably to reduce hydraulic path lengths and assure water transport. Wood density is the main driver of variation in tree architecture between species and the two dominant families, with implications for their light foraging strategies and shade tolerance.
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12th EEF Congress
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Responding to Rapid Environmental Change, 09/2011
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  • Autor: Ruben Martinez Marin (UPM)
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