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FUTURE: Flutter-Free Turbomachinery Blades

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In order to meet the ambitious goals of the FUTURE project all major European aero engine manufacturers as well as relevant academic partners in the field of turbomachinery aeroelasticity are gathered. Mid-term and long-term benefits are that improved analysis and design aeromechanical methods for aggressive lightweight blade design are an enabling factor for high efficiency future environmental friendly aero engines and gas turbines with maintained safety. In combination with a reduced time-to-market the project outcomes will have a strong impact on the competitiveness for the European aero engine module and stationary gas turbines manufacturers participating in the project. The project will give the partners access to experimental data that are not available in any other company in the world. Different work packages are interconnected to give a coherent and clear progress of the state of the art of aeroelasticity in turbomachines. The different activities in the FUTURE-project can be summarized as:

(1) eight interconnected turbine and compressor experiments (using rotating and static rigs) will be performed, and

(2) combined with numerical modelling of vibrating blades together with the surrounding flow interfering with the vibrating structure.

(3) Results from all the activities in the project will lead to a more coherent view and a better physical understanding of the flutter phenomena in turbomachines.

zhe high-quality vibration- and unsteady pressure measurements in cascade and rotating rig settings foreseen in the FUTURE project will constitute worldwide leading edge technology and provide the European aerospace universities, research institutes and industry with a distinctive competitive advantage in the aeroelasticity field.

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Proyectos y convenios en convocatorias públicas competitivas
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  • Director: Carlos Martel Escobar UPM
  • Participante: Rahul Ivaturi . UPM
  • Participante: Almudena Vega Coso UPM
  • Participante: Oualid Khemiri . UPM

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  • Grupo de Investigación: Dinámica y estabilidad no lineal en ingeniería aeroespacial
  • Departamento: Fundamentos Matemáticos de la Tecnología Aeronáutica
  • Departamento: Motopropulsión y Termofluidodinámica