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Cause of spatial patterns of seedling emergence in a semi-arid gypsum shrubland community: dealing with
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plants within a community is the result of a wide amount of factors, such us dispersal, biotic interactions, environmental heterogeneity and fluctuations. Although recent studies include spatial effects over ecosystems dynamics, the effects of spatio-temporal variation over spatial patterning remains poorly understood. Although we have a panoplia of tools to describe spatial patterns, our ability to infer the underlying causal processes is mainly based on speculative ideas. Our main goal is to determine some of the causal processes underlying the spatial patterns that we found in natural plant communities by specifically modeling the effects of habitat heterogeneity and temporal variation. Our data consist on mapped locations (x,y) of emerging plants in a perennial gypsum shrubland community, in central Iberian Peninsula. We applied a field design consisting on replicate plots, and monitored during four years the field emergence of any perennial plant in the community. We used recent techniques on point spatial pattern analysis, based on K functions and combine with several biologically soundly null models. Our results reveal that the seedlings spatial pattern is govern mainly for first order effects. Moreover, at the species level we detected interspecific segregation, based on microsites and interannual fluctuations. The methods and the sampling design used in this work highlight the importance of including heterogeneity in exploring spatial patterns, as well as, using replicates plots to allow us to infer causality of spatial patterns.
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12th European Ecological Federation Congress
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12th European Ecological Federation Congress. Abstract Book
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  • Autor: Julia Chacón (Universidad Rey Jaun Carlos)
  • Autor: Marcelino de la Cruz Rot (UPM)
  • Autor: Adrián Escudero (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Biodiversidad y conservación de recursos fitogenéticos
  • Departamento: Biología Vegetal
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