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How much does a piece of biodiversity cost?

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Since the 1992 Rio 5ummit, biodiversity is one of the elements to be considered in natural resource management. The dilemma between economics and ecological aspects should be balanced in many forest projects. While economic issues are dealt with comprehensively through existing techniques, conversely there is a shortage of methodological tools to manage biodiversity aspects. Based on ethical reasons, some first-world people consider that species losses are not economical valuable, as a consequence not having any pay-off tax that can compensate the loss of ecological values. However this philosophical approach totally ignores the actual market forces which are worldwide accepted, so it might be more effective to accept the evidences and make a joint appraisal that balances timber production and biodiversity values. Our approach was applied in a Chilean second-growth Nothogafus forest at Lanco Commune (X Region, 39"15'South latitude) which was cut off and burnt in order to obtain fire woods, temporary crops and meadows. After abandoned, the second-growth Nothofagus woodlands initiated a progress along the ecological chain towards a plesioclimax. Applying Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to forest stands as if they were wood production factories, pay-off ratios and substitution prices among forest products and biodiversity levels were obtained.
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New Challenges, new methodologies
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