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Minimization of Environmental Impact in Civil Engineering with the use of glass Powder for the preparation of Mortar
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  • Protección del medio ambiente,
  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
Civil engineering promotes the development and progress of society by the creation of adequate places to live in, sanitary infrastructures, roads, etc. that facilitate transport and hence all kind of exchanges and interactions between citizens across different locations. However, as a downside, it has a negative impact on the environment, due to the high consumption of energy and raw materials. On the other hand, the glass industry is constantly generating a lot of waste that cannot be reused and that is therefore dumped in landfills. These places entail a serious social concern for the population areas in which they are installed, because they take land that could be reallocated to other uses and, in some cases, contaminate the land where they sit. One way to recycle part of this waste glass that may be coming from recipients, demolition of buildings and automobiles, etc. and that cannot be re-used by the glass industry is by using it as a raw material for the preparation of mortar. For this purpose, the waste glass is ground until is converted into a fine powder and then mixed with non-contaminant reagents. The output is used as feedstock for the production of hydraulic binders called ?glass cements?. These cements contain 70 - 90% of waste glass crushed to fine powder and can be used in civil engineering as substitutes for traditional binders in mortars. "Glass cements" can be considered environmentally friendly because they contribute to the rational use of raw materials and energy, since the manufacture of one tone of glass binder consumes five times less energy than traditional cement production.
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Nine international Conference on Enviromental, cultural, Economic and social
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Hiroshima (Japón)
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  • Autor: Maria Isabel Mas Lopez (UPM)
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