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The solution and influences of inherent defect insurance (IDI) for flood areas
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The problem of the constructions in areas of frequent events of flood is to have of a security and quality adequate to the own circumstances. A construction always has risk to collapse or suffer damages; the risk zero does not exist (the codes assume a probability of failure, there is scientific ignorance, etc.). In normal areas the European Commission recommends to the countries the implement guarantees of the construction by means of insurances of damages (IDI); that is to say, if a construction suffers damages consequence of the statistical result or by defects or errors in its design or construction, an insurer would owe the obligation, during a true period, of the repair or rebuild; a lot of European countries have this recommendation like legal obligation and it is not possible to sell houses or build buildings without these guarantees. The insurers, to accept its obligations, usually demand an analysis of the risk and the adoption of preventive measures by means of independent organizations (TRMO ? Technical Risk Management Offices) that review the projects, define & rate the risk, and accompany the processes of construction. The constructions that suffer exhibition to extraordinary events (earthquake, flood, explosion, fire, etc.) also can adapt this solution, with the evident improvement of his quality, the decrease of the risk of damages or collapse and the guarantee that, in the period of insurance, someone will repair or reconstruction. The lecture analyses the possibilities to apply this type of solutions and how it can help in the urban design and the security and safety strategy in these flood areas.
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Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Civil 2012. EL CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO, NUEVO RETO A LA INGENIERIA
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Monterrey, Mexico
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  • Autor: Fernando Rodriguez Lopez (UPM)
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