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Seismic assessment and energy dissipation in ordinary RC frames designed according to Spain's seismic code

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  • Civil engineering and architecture

This paper assesses experimentally, through shaking table, tests the seismic response of ordinary reinforced concrete (RC) frames designed according to Spanish code NCSE-02. Traditional seismic codes such as NCSE-02 put emphasis on life safety and are aimed at preventing local or global collapse under a single level of earthquake: the "design earthquake". This study assesses the seismic response of RC frames designed with this criterion under different levels of seismic hazard, following the paradigm of the modern Performance Based Design (PBD). The overall seismic performance of the frame under each level of seismic hazard is evaluated quantitatively in terms of maximum inter-story drift, strains in reinforcing steel, permanent deformations etc. It is found that the RC frame satisfies the performance objectives of the modern PBD but just barely. Moreover, the damage characterized in terms of dissipated plastic strain energy at the designated plastic hinges is evaluated quantitatively for each seismic hazard level. Pending the accumulation of more experimental evidences, the results of the tests indicate that, under the design earthquake, the energy expected to contribute to damage in an ordinary RC frame designed for Granada according to NCSE-02 with ductility factor 3 and damping ratio 5%, is about 18% of the total energy input by the earthquake.
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Issues on Mechanical and Civil Engineering. A symposium to Honor Professor Enrique Alarcón
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  • Autor: Amadeo Benavent Climent UPM
  • Autor: Leandro Morillas Romero Universidad de Granada
  • Autor: David Escolano-Margarit Universidad de Granada

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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ingeniería Sísmica: Dinámica de Suelos y Estructuras
  • Departamento: Mecánica Estructural y Construcciones Industriales