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Delocalisation of N2O emissions of Spanish agrofood system in the Period 1961-2009
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  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
The global alteration of the nitrogen (N) cycle leads to many negative effects on human and ecosystem health, biodiversity and climate. The distribution of these alterations is quite uneven throughout the world, with 85% of the anthropogenic reactive nitrogen input occurring in 43% of the continental surface (Billen et al. 2013). During the last 50 years the amount of protein embedded in agricultural products and internationally traded has increased sixfold due to an increase in population, meat consumption and some market distortions (Lassaletta et al. in prep.). Part of the ?virtual nitrogen?, which is the nitrogen input required for the production of a commodity that is not embedded in the consumed good (Leach et al., 2012), can be emitted to the environment outside the country where the commodity is consumed. Some authors have recently shown how a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the national inventories can be related to a de-localization of the emissions outside the country, rather than to a real reduction (Franks and Hadingham, 2012; EEA, 2013). National emission inventories give an interesting but incomplete vision of the environmental consequences of the human activities, since they account for the emissions of the national production system, but not for the emissions related to the national consumption. The aim of this work is to compare nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions related to national production to those associated to consumption in the paradigmatic case of the Spanish agro-food system. The evolution of the emissions of production and consumption during the last 50 years will also be shown.
Zaragoza (España)
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Oral presentation. Workshop on mitigation of GHG emissions from the Spanish agroforestry sector. Zaragoza (Spain) April 2013.
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  • Autor: Alberto Sanz Cobeña (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Contaminación de agroecosistemas por las prácticas agrícolas
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