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RDF Validation in a Linked Data World ? A vision beyond structural and value range validation
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Data validation is a vital step for ensuring the quality of data and the expressive languages for doing so and their related tools are essential for a data model to be adopted by the industry. Many data representation and storage technologies, like relational databases or XML, use expressive schema languages for defining the structure and the constraints on data and allow ensuring that the quality and the consistency of data is kept intact. In the context of semantic and Linked Data technologies, which are built upon the Open World Assumption and Non-unique Name Assumption, data validation becomes a challenge as the languages currently used to describe these constraints (i.e., RDF Schema and OWL) are more suited for inferring data than for data validation. There is a clear need for more expressive languages to define rules for validating RDF data. However, having a wider view on the different use cases where RDF data is being used and considering the applications that consume RDF data as Linked Data, we can discover that there are requirements and concerns that go beyond the structural validation and data value range validation. In this paper, we identify the different requirements and factors that need to be taken into account and discussed in the context of data validation in applications that publish and consume Linked Data. These factors are grouped into three main categories: data source factors, procedure factors, and context factors. We believe that having this broader view will help to identify the concrete requirements for data validation especially in the context of Linked Data.
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RDF Validation workshop. Practical Assurances for Quality RDF Data (RDFVal 2013)
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Boston, MA, USA
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Proceedings of the RDF Validation workshop. Practical Assurances for Quality RDF Data (RDFVal 2013)
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  • Autor: Miguel Esteban Gutiérrez (UPM)
  • Autor: Raul Garcia Castro (UPM)
  • Autor: Nandana Sampath Mihindukulasooriya (UPM)
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ontology Engineering Group
  • Departamento: Inteligencia Artificial
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