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Is climate change mitigation possible in Mediterranean dehesas? Scattered trees and extensively-managed livestock effects on herbaceous biomass
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  • Bosque mediterráneo
Dehesas are good examples of Mediterranean ?High Nature Value farming? systems representing an important carbon sink. As other agroforestry systems, the extent of C sequestered will depend on the amounts of C in standing biomass of pastures, among others. The presence of scattered tree layer, along with an adequate extensively-management has an important effect on yield of the high-diversity pastures within dehesas. Our work focuses on the influence of trees and extensively-managed livestock on herbaceous biomass of a Dehesa in Central Spain. We analyzed the total yield and also each functional families (grass, legume and forbs) yield within the pastures of Mediterranean dehesas. We used 144 subplots distributed in two different directions and three distances from 4 trees selected randomly in different grazing management zones (cattle, sheep and wildlife) during a humid year. Plots subjected to livestock grazing exhibited higher biomass (3304.21 kg ha-1) than those without grazing (1912.92 kg ha-1). Tree canopy also increased the herbaceous yield showing under tree canopy values for total yield of 3112.07 kg ha-1, 10% than outside the influence of the trees. Extensively-managed livestock and the presence of scattered trees modified positively the herbaceous yield, as well as floristic composition, having a positive influence in the ability of soils to store C and N, and may have important consequences in carbon sequestration capacity in the dehesa system. We should monitor management practices looking for adequate tree density and livestock regimes - adequate stoking rates and grazing species- as main tools of carbon sequestration in agroforestry systems.
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IV Workshop de la Red Científica de Mitigación de emisiones de GEI en el Sector Agroforestal
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Red científica de mitigación de emisiones del GEI en el sector Agroforestal
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  • Autor: Aida Lopez Sanchez (UPM)
  • Autor: Sonia Roig Gomez (UPM)
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