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Forest Fire Land Restoration
Áreas de investigación
  • Ciencia del suelo,
  • Medio natural,
  • Monte,
  • Protección del medio ambiente,
  • Hidrología
Soils, vegetation, and litter are critical to the functioning of hydrologic processes. Watersheds with good hydrologic conditions and adequate rainfall sustain stream baseflow conditions for much or all of the year and produce little sediment. Within a watershed, sediment and water responses to wildfire are often a function of fire severity and the occurrence of hydrologic events. For a wide range of fire severities, the impacts on hydrology and sediment loss can be minimal in the absence of precipitation. However, when a precipitation event follows a large, moderate- to high-burn severity fire, impacts can be far reaching. Increased runoff, peak flows, and sediment delivery to streams can affect fish populations and their habitat. Fire can destroy accumulated forest floor material and vegetation, altering infiltration by exposing soils to raindrop impact or creating water repellent conditions. Loss of soil from hillslopes produces several significant ecosystem impacts. Soil movement into streams, lakes, and riparian zones may degrade water quality and change the geomorphic and hydrologic characteristics of these systems. Soil loss from hillslopes may reduce site productivity.
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Colegio de Ingenieros de Montes
Título del Libro
Climate Change and Restoration of Degraded Land
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  • Autor: Jose Luis Garcia Rodriguez (UPM)
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