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Association between the fungal microbiome of Ulmus minor and the resistance to Dutch elm disease
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  • Ciencias naturales y ciencias de la salud
Despite endophytes can extend the ecological adaptations of trees, they have been ignored in forest breeding programs, probably due to the relative contribution of endophytes and host genotypes to tree phenotypes is still unknown. In particular, the possible role of endophytes on the expression of quantitative resistance has never been considered in forest breeding against pathogens. This is the case of the Spanish elm breeding program, in which several resistant Ulmus minor clones to the Dutch elm disease pathogen, Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, have been recently selected. As a first approach to elucidate the role of endophytes in elm resistance, we have analysed the endophytic microbiome of phloem and xylem tissues (where O. novo-ulmi develops) of ten U. minor clones with contrasting resistance levels to the pathogen, using pyrosequencing. After sequence denoising, a total of 20,000 sequences were obtained and assigned to 164 operational taxonomic units (OTUs; excluding singletons). A 3.7% of them were found in all elm clones, while 35.4% were associated to one single clone. Highly resistant clones showed a distinct endophytic composition from medium and low resistant clones, as revealed by a multivariate analysis of the OTU frequencies. A moderate correlation was found between the resistance level to O. novo-ulmi and the species richness of endophytic fungi, that turns significant when excluding a highly atypical susceptible clone (r = 0.81; p = 0.008). These results suggest that the fungal microbiome of U. minor could be a major factor in the phenotypic resistance to O. novo-ulmi.
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XVI International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
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  • Autor: David Macaya Sanz (UPM)
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  • Autor: Juan Antonio Martin Garcia (UPM)
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