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Breathe: brief inspiration about mosses respiration
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  • Biología molecular, celular y genética
Mitochondria are organelle found in eukaryotic cells, supplying vital energy. They are involved in many processes such as photorespiration, photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism, redox regulation and signalling. The importance of plant respiration and TCA cycle led us to succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) that is involved in TCA cycle, as well as in the aerobic respiratory chain. Mitochondrial complex II, a common name for SDH, contains four conserved elements: two peripheral membrane proteins represented by flavoprotein (SDH1) and iron-sulfur protein (SDH2) followed by two integral membrane proteins (SDH3 and SDH4). Our interest was focused on iron-sulfur subunit SDH2.3 in moss Physcomitrella patens, an early land plant lineage. In addition, SDH2.3 gene expression is known to occur during seed maturation and to be controlled by genes belonging to B3 family of transcription factors, involved in the regulation of seed development in Arabidopsis thaliana. For this reason, we want to gain insight into the function of PpSDH2 genes in non-seed plants, as during the course of evolution perhaps some mechanisms in ancestral plants have been conserved, while new functions have appeared as well, at later stages. The importance of such approach convinced us to present phenotypic characterization of PpSDH2.3 genes. To elucidate PpSDH2.3 complex II function we have generated mutants lacking PpSDH2.3 gene, as well as overexpressing transgenic line. Their expression upon stress conditions might be through evolutionary conserved pathways, with further creation of alternative mechanisms in seed plants.
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