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La censura del tema deportivo en la prensa durante la posguerra espan?ola (1939-1945)

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AUTHOR: Alejandro de la Viuda Serrano ADVISOR: Prof. Dr. Teresa González Aja TITLE: ?La censura del tema deportivo en la prensa durante la posguerra española (1939-1945)? / ?The censorship of sports in the press during the Spanish post-war years (1939-1945)? ABSTRACT This doctoral thesis aims to shed light on the use of press during the first years of francoism. The particular objective was to study the censorship of the sport topic into the general system of censorship carried out after the Spanish Civil War. It is a subject comparatively understudied to date but a key aspect to understand the development of sport during the so-called early francoism. To this end, an in-depth study was made on key actors, main steps of censorship process, human and material methods used to ensure its effectiveness, and the actual manifestations in sports information area: what was censored, by whom, how and why. This should ensure us to fill the historiographical gap within the research on Franco?s press censorship. Methodology used was historiographic research. It is based on critical analysis and interpretation of primary sources and seeks to establish historical reference frameworks tracing back the past in detail. It determines a different doctoral thesis structure in some aspects. Except the introduction, the whole document is the report and explanation of the results of research. A large amount of unexplored documents from the Archivo General de la Administración (Alcalá de Henares, Spain) and the Archivio Centrale dello Stato (Rome, Italy) has been used. The press of the period and legislation about our topic have also been analysed in detail both in Spain and Italy. Our research states these results. We can affirm that press censorship actually existed on sports topic in these thematic priorities: economical issues, authorities and hierarchies, use of language and sportsmen behaviours. In most cases, the censorship of sports information is exercised for reasons unconnected to sport. It cannot be concluded that general differences were applied in press censorship between State-owned media and private or church media although its implementation was non-uniform and arbitrary in many cases. The system of press censorship in Spain during the early francoism is clearly inspired by fascist Italy system copying most of its features although Spain had a few specific characteristics like prior censorship and Catholicism.
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