Memorias de investigación
New systems of management to improve the health and welfare of rabbits in farm conditions = Nuevos sistemas de cría y manejo para mejorar la salud y bienestar de conejos de granja

Research Areas
  • Foodstuffs tecnology,
  • Livestock,
  • Tropical agriculture,
  • Animal products,
  • Means of agricultural production,
  • Plants and animal biology and ecology

The general aim of this PhD Thesis was to evaluate new housing and husbandry systems of farmed rabbits, studying behavioral (experiment 1), productive and reproductive (experiment 3) parameters. Moreover, different sampling techniques were evaluated in order to optimize the assessment of rabbit behaviour (experiment 2). In experiment 1, the behaviour of rabbit does housed in two different types of cage (TC), conventional vs. alternative with an elevated platform, at different physiological stages (PS), lactation and gestation was to study. Behavioural observations were carried out on 12 commercial rabbit does using continuous 24 hour video recording. Independently of PS and TC, rabbit does spent most of their time on foot mats (57.7 %, as average). However, due to the use of platforms (23.0% of time, as average), lactating does spent 36.6% less time (P<0.001) on foot mats and gestating does spent 27.0% less (P<0.001) time on wire mesh in alternative cages than in conventional cages. Alternative cages allowed for standing posture but this behaviour was only observed in gestating does (4.6 times a day, as average).
Mark Rating
  • Director: Paloma Garcia Rebollar UPM
  • Autor: Clara Alfonso Carrillo
  • Director: Ana Isabel García Ruiz Nutreco Poultry Research Centre

Research Group, Departaments and Institutes related
  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ingeniería de la Calidad Alimentaria