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Updating EN 301 549: cognitive accessibility

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EN 301 549 is the European Standard that defines accessibility requirements for the public procurement of ICT. EN 301 549 includes some support for cognitive disabilities, but it was recognized that more work was needed to take into account the diversity of persons with cognitive disabilities, who may have limitations in one or more types of mental tasks such as conceptualizing, planning, remembering and understanding numbers and symbols. ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has established a team of experts, STF 488, which intends to produce (1) a set of user needs of persons with cognitive disabilities when using mobile ICT and (2) a set of guidelines to develop accessible mobile ICT. This set of guidelines will include a gap analysis of EN 301 549, to identify new requirements that could be added in future revisions of the standard. This presentation will describe the work of STF 488.
IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals)
Las Vegas (EEUU)
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Ponencia en Congreso internacional sin Actas. IAAP Access 2015 (21-23 octubre)

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