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Crossed-arch vaults in late-gothic and early Renaissance vaulting: a problem in building technology transfer
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  • Ingeniería civil y arquitectura
Crossed-arch vaults are a particular type of ribbed vaults. Their main feature is that the ribs that form the vault are intertwined, forming polygons or stars and leaving an empty space in the middle. The firsts appear in Córdoba in the second half of the 10th Century. Afterwards, the type diffused through Spain and North Africa, 11th_13th Centuries. These vaults reappear in Armenia in the 13th Century. In the 14th and 15th Century a few examples are found both in England (Durham, Raby) and Central Europe (Prague, Landshut, Vienna). At about the same time, Leonardo da Vinci produced designs for the Tiburio (Ciborium) of Milan cathedral with a cross-arched structure and proposed tests to assess the strength; he also, made use of the same pattern of vault for Renaissance centralized churches. Eventually, the type can be tracked through the 17th (Guarini) and 18th (Vittone) Centuries, until Spanish post war architecture in the 1940-60s (Moya). Some questions arose, which so far, have not been answered. How was it possible that a particular type of vault had such enormous geographical spread? How was it transmitted from Córdoba to the Caucasus? The matter is one of transfer of knowledge, ideas, and technology; it relates both aesthetics and construction.
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Fifth International Congress on Construction History
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Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois
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Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress on Construction History (3-7 June 2015, Chicago, Illinoi
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