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Eco-Gypsum Composites with Construction and Demolition Waste for Building Applications
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Construction and demolition waste is one of the major waste flows generated in the EU. For this reason, many initiatives are currently being conducted to reduce the amount of C&D waste generated and promote their recycling. In this sense, many previous research works have studied the viability and effects of incorporating waste in gypsum composites to reduce the economic cost of the natural raw materials, the environmental impact produced by their extraction or by the C&D waste deposit in landfill, and also to improve the traditional gypsum characteristics. Among these studies, some incorporate insulation materials ? such as polysterene waste [1-2] ? to decrease the density and improve the thermal behaviour of gypsums, while others incorporate ceramic waste to improve the mechanical resistance [3-4]. Considering these research works, this work studies the viability and effects of using aggregates from the recycling of the construction and demolition waste (i.e. expanded polysterene (EPS), ceramic and concrete waste) in a gypsum matrix to manufacture gypsum elements for interior partitions and inner layers of the façades or as a coating material. To do this, several gypsum samples were prepared using different percentages of waste based on the weight of gypsum (25%, 50% 75% of ceramic, concrete and mix of both wastes). Reference samples (with no additions) were also made in order to compare the results obtained. Moreover, compounds performing better were chosen and further samples were made substituting 1/3 and 2/3 -over the volume of ceramic/concrete/mixed waste- by EPS. All samples were tested in the laboratory and the following physical and mechanical characteristics were determined: dry density, superficial hardness, flexural strength, compressive strength, water capillarity absorption and thermal conductivity coefficient.
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3rd International Conference on Technological Innovation in Building (CITE)
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3er Congreso Internacional de Innovación Tecnológica en Edificación. CITE 2018
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  • Autor: Marica Sorrentino
  • Autor: Paola Villoria Saez (UPM)
  • Autor: Carmelo María Torre
  • Autor: Cesar Porras Amores (UPM)
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