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Questions and answers: the experts of the Spanish Society of Radiological Protection communicate with the public
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  • Fuentes de radiacion y detectores
One of the strategic lines of the Spanish Society of Radiological Protection (SEPR) is dedicated to relations with society. The aim is to "approximate the SEPR to society, enhancing the existing communication channels and implementing new lines of media coverage"; it is proposed (1) to develop and maintain dissemination products for the general public and the mass media; (2) to carry out a detailed analysis on the ways of enhancing the dissemination of the SEPR messages through the Internet, the new technologies and social networks and (3) to develop an action plan to establish communication channels with the media (press, radio and television) to disseminate articles or news related to current issues prepared by the SEPR, which contribute to the dissemination of the SEPR as a scientific and independent society. Within this objective, the section called "Ask the SEPR" was launched in 2013 on the website https://sepr.es, through which the intention it to respond to the doubts and concerns of those who visit the site. The consultations are answered by volunteer experts, having classified them according to a few main topics, also including small introductory documents to each thematic area. The topics considered include general information on radiation and its effects, radiation of natural origin (including radon and NORM), the use of radiation in medicine, considering both the radiological protection of patients in diagnosis and therapy, and that of health workers. It also addresses radiological protection in nuclear energy, radiological protection of the public and the environment, as well as questions about other radioactive sources and the management of radioactive waste. Non-ionizing radiation also has its own section, classified essentially in mobile telephony and antennas, domestic appliances such as microwaves, induction, etc., as well as uses in medicine and other fields. With this initiative, an interactive service has been put at the service of the Spanish-speaking community through which to answer the public's doubts about our profession.
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5th European Regional IRPA Congress. "Encouraging Sustainability in Radiation Protection"
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La Haya. Páises Bajos
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5th European Regional IRPA Congress. "Encouraging Sustainability in Radiation Protection".
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  • Autor: Leopoldo Arranz
  • Autor: Eduardo Florentino Gallego Diaz (UPM)
  • Autor: Pedro Ruiz
  • Autor: María Luisa Tormo
  • Autor: Alejandro Úbeda
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Ciencia y Tecnología de sistemas avanzados de fisión nuclear
  • Departamento: Ingeniería Energética
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