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SURE-Farm - ABSTRACT A variety of interrelated factors has put European agricultural systems under pressure impacting the overall attractiveness of the farming sector and leading to concerns about its viability to deliver private and public goods in the long-run. The SURE-Farm project aims to develop and assess resilience assessment and management tools to understand and improve the economic, environmental and social resilience of European farms and farming systems in order to turn concerns into opportunities. The core concept underlying SURE-Farm is based on the principle of resilience, implying that the EU agricultural system can adapt and transform to deal with the new challenges without compromising on its delivery of private and public goods. The SURE-Farm project will develop a resilience framework applicable to EU farms and farming systems and its policy domain. It will further analyse and design effective and improved risk management tools tailored to EU farming challenges and farm types. A novel policy resilience assessment tool will be developed to assess strengths and weaknesses in the delivery of existing CAP policies and its national transpositions. Leveraged policy options for improvements will also consider pathways to adjust existing governance institutions in order to realise identified improvement options. Farm demographics and measures to facilitate entry into the sector are analysed and designed tailored to family and corporate farms and new entrants. A farm demographics tool enables to assess changes in farm structures and demographics over time. Projections towards future delivery of private and public goods are developed for selected EU farming systems and scenarios. Sure-Farm is a transdisciplinary project and uses active dissemination strategies to increase mutual awareness and interest to enhance the resilience of EU agriculture among public and private actors including consumers and society in general.
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Economía Agraria y Gestión de los Recursos Naturales