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Contribuciones para el tratamiento de aguas residuales con sistemas alternativos de bajo coste, en España.
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The lack of adequate wastewater treatment is a global problem that affects all territories depending on their geographical, demographic and socio-economic reality, and also the sea. Only 20% of wastewater is treated before the discharge into rivers (UNESCO, 2017). The associated problems are widely recognized and affect the health of people and the en-vironment, contaminating aquifers and destroying ecosystems; moreover, this situation is aggravated by the impact of climate change. Various techniques are used in wastewater treatment and their success or failure is visible in the continuity of use and requires the particular analysis of the installation. The main causes of failure are: loss of functionality, design errors, early deterioration of materials, lack of adaptability, and unforeseen control and maintenance especially due to their eco-nomic cost. That is why the proposed solution goes beyond technology and has to be adapted to the social and territorial reality where it is going to be implemented; especially in small towns, the case of reference in this article. Therefore, innovation in sewerage and wastewater treatment requires synergies that favour the adaptation of the facilities to the different jun-ctures of their life cycle, making sure their sustainable continuity of use. These proposals are included as "non-conventional" technologies and are characterised by being ecological and sustainable solutions to a territorial reality. While at an international level these proposals are widely implemented, in Spain, and despite the economic crisis, they have fallen into disuse. The purpose of this article is to once again raise a debate that has been neglected and postponed, in spite of Spain's important failures to comply with the EU in small towns.
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  • Autor: Araceli Lozano Pulido
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