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Dairy and Nondairy-Based Beverages as a Vehicle for Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Symbiotics: Alternatives to Health Versus Disease Binomial Approach Through Food

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Milk represents the archetypal probiotic food, which nature has provided to human beings. With an increase in human life expectancy, and the exponential growth of health-care costs, strategies are being continuously proposed to tackle new challenges through the development of effective, cheap, and accessible remedies such as probiotic and symbiotic foods. Recent studies confirm the beneficial effects of food with added live microbes (probiotics) in the modulation of various physiological functions to prevent chronical diseases. The mechanisms of action are variable, mainly by improving the microintestinal balance of the indigenous microflora and production of metabolic by-products at intestinal level. Alternative carriers of probiotics in beverages are proposed to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. Nondairy-based probiotic, prebiotic, and symbiotic products are designed to overcome disadvantages of dairy products. Complementary approaches to thrive probiotics are concepts related to prebiotics and symbiotics, as a means to promote the proper environment for the survival and growth of both already established intestinal microbiota and externally administered ones. Special attention is paid on nondigestible food fraction that allows specific changes, both in probiotic composition and/or activity in the gut microbiome. These approaches are mainly targeted on promoting selectively the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of beneficial bacteria in the colon. Biological roles of components of functional beverages relied on the metabolites generated by the interaction between phytochemicals and gut microbiota via esterase, glucosidase, demethylation, dihydroxylation, and decarboxylation activities thus exerting their noteworthy healthy effect through different mechanisms. Symbiotic functional beverages include those with combined probiotic and prebiotic food matrices that can act synergistically to modulate the intestinal microbiota positively.
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Volume 9: The Science of Beverages
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Milk-Based Beverages
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