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Accident Reduction Potential Of Advanced Adverse Weather Warning Systems
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The paper presents the results of a research project conducted at Madrid Polytechnic University to assess the potential of effectively reducing crash rates in adverse conditions by deploying ITS applications. During the research project the adverse weather crashes that had occurred in the Spanish National System in a 5 year period were studied and an identification process was conducted to find the sections of the network where crash history warranted that specific countermeasures be taken to improve safety in adverse weather. US and European experience in applying RWIS and Advanced Adverse Weather Motorist Warning Systems (AAWWS) were analyzed prior to the development of three pilot tests of the deployment of AAWWS at three sites in the Spanish network. These tests where complemented with an in-depth study of a sample of 259 adverse conditions injury crashes. The results were used to provide an estimation of the crash reduction attainable by the deployment of these systems in Spain. The research showed that the annual savings in traffic crashes social costs would exceed the total investment needed to deploy the systems. These results support the assumption that ITS can be used to effectively and efficiently improve road safety levels under adverse weather conditions.
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XXIII Congreso Mundial de la Carretera
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  • Autor: Jose Maria Pardillo Mayora (UPM)
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  • Creador: Departamento: Ingeniería Civil: Transportes
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